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CPSC-Accepted Lab:

TTL Laboratories is a third party testing laboratory and is CPSC-approved, or CPSC-accepted to perform numerous safety tests, which are required for children’s products. To support a Children’s Product Certificate (CPC), the manufacturer, importer or distributor of a children’s product must use a CPSC-accepted laboratory to certify the product complies with the required tests for that product.

Amendments to the Consumer Product Safety Act, specifically Section 14(a)(3)(E), require that the Consumer Product Safety Commission, on its website, must maintain a list of laboratories accredited to perform specific tests used for determining compliance with children’s product regulations.

The CPSC does not accredit laboratories; however, it accepts and registers laboratories, based on their accreditation by an assessment body, specifically, an “International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation-Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC-MRA) signatory accreditation body.”

TTL Laboratories is accredited by A2LA to ISO/IEC 17025:2005‐‐General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories, for specific safety rules for children’s products.
The accreditation process ensures the laboratory displays the technical competency to be able to perform the test methods to a high standard.

The safety rules requiring CPSC-accepted third party testing are listed on the following page of the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website:

Amazon Compliance Testing:

Amazon requires proof of testing by a CPSC-approved ISO 17025-accredited laboratory, to be able to sell items deemed to be “children’s products” on their site. TTL Laboratories regularly assists companies to maintain their listings on Amazon, by providing the necessary testing and reports to support their Children’s Product Certificates (CPC). In addition, Amazon may require specific test reports for certain general consumer products. Please contact us to discuss which testing programs may be required for your products.