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TTL Laboratories offers testing for Pet Toys & Supplies. We perform a battery of tests specifically designed to ensure the safety of your pet products as well as the human family members that come in contact with these items every day. Additionally, we can subject the products to performance testing, which can simulate wear over the expected lifecycle of the product and assess its long term physical safety. We can also assess dyed fabric and rope chew toys and bones, to determine their ability to resist staining of materials such as your carpets and upholstery.



Offer your customers peace of mind and the pride of knowing that they are caring for their animal in the best possible way with testing on the following items within the pet category:


Dogs                                 Cats                                Other

- Toys                                             - Cat toys                                - Cages & Stands
- Collars & Tags                             - Litter Boxes                           - Habitats & Hideaways
- Harnesses                                    - Scoops & Mats                     - Perches & Ladders
- Leashes & Leads                          - Furniture                               - Toys
- Crates & Kennels                         - Scratchers                             - Feeders & Bowls
- Gates & Doors                             - Carriers & Doors
- Beds & Blankets                           - Bowls & Feeders
- Brushes & Combs                        - Beds & Pads
- Clothing                                       - Brushes & Combs
                                                       - Collars and Tags

The safety of pet toys and supplies extends well beyond toxic chemicals. TTL Laboratories also has the capabilities to ensure that your product is physically and mechanically sound. Our tests include Bite Testing, Tensile Strength, Torque Testing and Small Parts Testing, Flammability of Fabric (pet clothing), among others.